The Best in Basement Memories.

*DoNotWearShoes is a reference to the warning on the top of the Nintendo Power Pad and it’s the only rule I could ever see following.

My name is Dave Ralph, I live in Cleveland, Ohio, have a wife, daughter, and a mortgage. I love collecting video games and am a firm believer that Iron Man is better than Batman. The Back To The Future movies are my favorite but Pump Up The Volume did more for me than any other single piece of art. I’ll watch Newsies at any time and Saved By The Bell is the best tv show in existence. (Breaking Bad and The Wire are a close second) Amityville Horror is the scariest movie of all time but Rosemary’s Baby is perfect. My favorite video game is Super Mario Brothers; I dig Lemmings, Sunset Riders, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors too.

Through my travels I comes across many cool toys that I just can't keep. If you follow my Instagram (@DoNotWearShoes) you'll see everything that comes and goes. It's a wild ride even if you're not interested in buying; the flashbacks are a blast. I offer up my finds and personal pieces along with trading cards, buttons, movies, retro video games, and classic iron on transfers.

I spend my time playing with the perfect child. She’s three and full of insanity. That’s where this is all coming from. I am doing all this to sustain my income with the hope to make money with things I love and to be able to play with my daughter all day and all night.

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